Housing Logo Symbols

Housing Logo Symbols

by corelmania
June 25, 2011
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This symbol can be used in companies like: Promotora Housing, Real Estate, Real Estate and Asset Management Group.Calli, the houseCalli, Codex BorgiaThe Nahuatl name for the third symbol was the home schedule:calli.The house was the physical site where human activity was taking place. Do not confuse this term with the home as it has its own word: chantli.That's how you can form the following words with the house:Calpulli set of houses joined in a community, what is now a district, the organic unity of a community.xochicalco, the place of the house of flowers.teocalli the house or enclosure of the gods.Caltonco today caltongo, place of shacks.Coacalco, in the house of the serpent.Caltzontzin was the ruler of a set of 400 calpulli.The house was a day calendar and your see the symbol of one of the four years which were named to the 52 combinations for years called xiuhmolpilli.In the Codex Mendoza can see that the house was 2 years when they founded the city of Mexico Tenochtitlan.The unique design for the house is very similar to the designs for them were the ancient peoples of Thailand. In the museum of the cultures of Mexico City can be seen these designs.Source: http://tonalpohualli260.wordpress.com/category/la-veintena-del-tonalpohualli/






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