How does Logo Open Stock Works

How it works?

Logo Open Stock is a huge and fast growing collection of Vector Logo designs. The majority of logos published in this site has been designed and originally created by us. Despite the fact that logos are free some restrictions may apply. Keep reading.


Free Donwloads

In Logo Open Stock all vector logo designs can be downloaded freely and can be used as long as you credit the logo designer.

After downloading a specific Logo you will see an HTML code which is the code to use for web use of our logos. For example, let's say you have a cooking blog, then you will download the logo and create your own logo starting from our graphic. Then you must attribute us in a post or your about page or even in the home. Make sure you don't make a site-wide link since that is penalized by Google now.

Remember, most of our designs are published under the Creative Common Licenses can be and terms can checked here. To make it short, means you can use them as long as you credit us. For print materials, TV, or other uses, a credit line that reads 'Logo by' will be enough.

Downloaded Logos

All downloadedlogos will remain available to be downloaded again in the “My Downloads ” tab in your account. Remember that under no circumstances you are allowed to redistribute, sell, re-sell or give them for free. For more information check our Terms and Condtions where this issue is covered more deeply.

Contribute uploading Logos and earn some reputation

Nowadays it's a quite common practiceto promote your business on the web by spreading free stuff and get recognition from users that can be your future clients.
Some advantages of uploading material tu Logo Open Stock are:

1) Personal profile page displayingyour website URL. Gain good exposure showcasing your work.

2) Get valuable feedback of your work.

3) Help others people to improve. By sharing you are motivating, inspiring and as all in life, things came back.

4) Support this site, community and let us keep going and creating good stuff too.

Uploading Logos

First you have to Sign up. It’s fast, easy and free. You can use your Facebook or Google account to register even faster. Once registerd you should click on Upload in the top menu.

General Considerations

  • Make sure that the logo you are uploading do not infringe on any copyright, property right, trademark or any other applicable right.
  • Upload only your own work.
  • Accepted file types: AI, EPS, SVG, PDF and CDR.

Introducing logo design information


Make sure to use a descriptive and short title. The more precise your title is, the more likely it’ll drive users will find in your logo image.

Good ideas for titling:

  • Use the main object/thing in the graphic (eg. 'apple','flower','leaf')
  • Mention possible uses(eg. 'educational company')

Bad ideas for naming
  • Word repetition
  • Extremely vague or generic names
  • Foreign languages characters


Description should add more information than what is written in the title and the keywords. Think as if you were describing the image to someone who hasn’t seen it.Details of the techniques you used will be also appreciated by the community.


You can pick more than one category. Be sure to pick categories that really match your vector, some users use categories to do their search, so it’s important that you look for the best fitting category.


We encourage users to work with the Creative Commons licenses as this is an international recognized organization and they license are flexible. More details about the license can be checked in the terms page here.


Tags are maybe the most important data you will introducewith your logo design, so try to be as accurate and descriptive as possible. Also, the order of your tags matters, so make sure to introduce first the tags that you consider more crucial. A minimum of 4 keywords will be required per picture.Some ideas to tagging are:

  • name all the elements that are on the scene
  • use some synonyms, people might search the same with different words
  • introduce also feelings, emotions and moods that the logo conveys
  • don’t write your name or other personal information

Editing Logo details

To edit the information you previously introduced to a logo you should go to your account and click on the “My vectors” tab, there you can access to all the vectors you uploaded, by going over any of them an “Edit” will appear, click and an editing window will pop up where you’ll be able to make the changes to your logo data.

Managing your profile

To access to your account click on your user name on the top right of the screen. You’ll be redirected to my account page where you can edit and see your information. All the information on your profile can be edited easily by mousing over the field you want to edit, when you go over that zone an “edit” will appear at the right bottom part, click on it to open the editing window of that particular zone.

You can access to fast stats of your account activity that is under the title of “Stats”. Also, your private messages can be seen here.

At the right side you’ll find a “My Preferences” button, which will open a window where you can manage several options as privacy options and social network interactivity.
There you can also see followers and following. To edit the followed users click on “View All” in the following box, a window will open, go over the picture of a specific user and a circle with a cross will appear at the top right corner, click on it to stop following that user.

You can add or remove social network profiles in “Social Network” box by clicking on edit.

In your profile you will find messages, recent activity and more things related to your profile. Everything is easy and intuitive, so feel free to play around.

Contact us

If you have any other doubt, concern, suggestion or feedback about Logo Open Stock, we will be happy to hear from you and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an answer. To do so, go to our Contact section.